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Master's program

German and French Philosophy

The Faculty of Humanities offers German Master's and Ph.D. programs in German and French philosophy. The focus is on the interdisciplinary and intercultural networking of philosophy. Against the background of basic questions on phenomenological philosophy, philosophical anthropology, and contemporary philosophy, the courses deal with analyses of epochal thresholds, intercultural philosophy, the philosophy of art, and the interdisciplinary project of ecological philosophy. The central concern is not simply to presuppose concepts of 'culture', but to question them philosophically. Because of this wide spectrum, the courses are also of interest to all those who deal with cultural studies and theories of cultures.

This full-time study program is taught in person at the CU Faculty of Humanities in Prague. This means that your classes will be scheduled throughout the week at the Faculty headquarters.

The language of tuition is German. The standard length of study is 2 years.

The application deadline is July 31, 2023. Make sure you submit your online application by midnight (Central European time)!

Do not forget to pay the application fee otherwise, your application cannot be processed by the Student Administration Office. If you pay by card, the process is quick and easy!

To find out how to fill out the application and pay the fee, visit our "Application Payment" section.



The tuition fee is 0 euros per academic year, for both EU and non-EU applicants.

There are two admission requirements: 

 submit the relevant documents

 submit your BA diploma

We ask you to submit these documents: a motivation letter and an academic paper of min. 15 pages.

After the department assesses your documents and accepts you, you will be asked to provide proof of your previous education - learn more about the process here.


Admission Requirements

1. Submit Relevant Documents

Submit a motivation letter and an academic paper in German before the application deadline. You have until August 15 to submit these documents - make sure that your application is also submitted by this deadline!

  • Motivation Letter (500 - 700 words)

  • Academic Paper: The paper should be no less than 15 pages in length and prove your knowledge, skills, and talent for study in the program for which you are applying. The paper can be your defended bachelor’s thesis or its summary, an article published in an academic journal, or any new essay that you choose to represent you and your academic knowledge.

2. Proof of Previous Education

After you have been admitted by the department you will be asked to complete the second admission requirement - submitting proof of your previous education. In the case of our MA programs, we ask you to submit proof of completed undergraduate education which can be proven by a Bachelor's diploma.


Do not worry if you have not yet received your diploma at the time when you are submitting your online application - you have until September 30 to complete this requirement.

Diploma Recognition

If you graduated outside of the Czech Republic, your diploma needs to go through a process of recognition or nostrification. This process validates that the diploma you are submitting is equivalent to a diploma you would receive after finishing school in the Czech Republic.


You can choose from two options:

  • Recognition by the Faculty

  • Nostrifcation


Start your online application

The online application is available here.


Fill out and submit the application by July 31

Check out our application tutorial here.


Pay the application fee by July 31

Details on application payment are available here.


Submit the documents to your online application by July 31

You need to submit your motivation letter and academic paper.


Wait for the assessment of the admission commitee

You will get your results approximately 30 days after submitting your application.


Submit proof of previous education

More information is available here.


Complete the recognition / nostrification process

More information is available here​.



We will keep in touch with you via e-mail so that you have all the necessary info!

Contact Us

Reach out to with any questions you may have regarding the admission process

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You can schedule an online consultation in case you have some admission questions.

Write us at with your preferred date and we'll get back to you!

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